Time-lapse films from Cambridge web cams

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There is a web cam on the tower of the Cambridge University Library (shown in the photo). The webcam looks east over Cambridge; its field of view is shown in the map, in which its location is shown by an open red circle:

(The map is derived from the Official Map of the University of Cambridge.)

In fact, this map is a bit misleading, since the camera gets moved about quite a bit. Presumably it isn't actually fixed in place.

Here's what the camera can see:

Most recent Midday (approximately)

The good stuff

Here you can get a time-lapse film of yesterday's images from the camera. The frames are taken once every five minutes. Note that for some reason the camera is switched off at night, so this film doesn't cover a full 24 hours. It's an MPEG layer 1 film which should be compatible with whatever broken software you're using to view it: Most recent one-day time-lapse movie (probably from yesterday).

Or, see a film of a longer stretch of time (this isn't regularly updated at the moment).


Web server company Zeus Technology have some cameras at their offices in the Innovation Park by the A10/A14 roundabout, intended to allow Cambridge residents to assess their chances of being able to drive their cars along the A14 on any given day.

Here you can see the most recent one-day time-lapse films of:

(Frames are taken once per minute in these films.)

These are quite fun at night, because the exposure times on the cameras increase, so passing traffic appears as streaks of light shooting past in science-fiction style.

More information?

Comments/questions/complaints/etc. can go to me by email. If you want to know how this is done, read my other page, As if things weren't happening fast enough already: Time-lapse photography using a cheap webcam.

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