IFLsm - The "I'm Feeling Lucky" URL Scheme
IFLsm support for mozilla 0.9, and netscape 5 upwards

If you don't know what all this is about see http://www.fish.cx/google/ifl.html.
I had a whole horrid lump of code to do this is nestcape 4.x (and no you can't have it), which I was just about to port to netscape 6.x when I noticed protozilla (or for the ifl-impared protozilla). Implementing IFLsm in protozilla is a snap.

Note if you have a multiuser system, you'll need to do step 1 as root (or whoever owns the mozilla binary directory) and steps 2 and 2a as and for each user of mozilla.

If you don't trust my XPI files [and you shouldn't] then you can see my old (click here, type this) instructions

If you're wondering what to put in an ifl link these chaps at berkeley can help with this program.

These words are here so I can put ifl: in front of them as an example once google finds this page. ifl:haply+inductor+stimulant+fattened and again for good measure haply+inductor+stimulant+fattened.