I maintain that one of the most usefull X11 windowing toolkits available was xview (you probably know it as openlook). It's not particularly elegant but it does conform to the `simplest is best' philosphy and avoids all the Xaw/Xt hell with only a few functions with variable arguments.

Unfortunately the original code was sizeof(int)=sizeof(void *) and hasn't ever properly compiled on linux. However this package will, and even mostly (except for selections, and scrollbars) work fine on alpha AXP in the 64 bit code model.

To install it get the tar ball, kiss goodbyte to anything you have in /usr/openwin and run `run_me' in the top level. You'll also need to get hold of some openwin locale files which are on any sun in /usr/openwin/share/.

I've tested this on AXPs under redhat 5.0,5.1,6.1 and 6.2, and on x86s on redhat 4.0,4.1,5.0,5.1,6.1,6.2,7.1,7.2 and 7.3.

Let me know how you do.

click here to see a list of files you can download.