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I wrote toshoboe because I needed it - it took about a week to reverse engineer the the chip using a combination of techniques including decompilation, emulation and using a debugger. At the end I had some drivers that worked well but had lots of VooDoo. After about a year I came across some documentation and Rewrote the drivers from scratch. Various people have fixed things that I missed, and someone kindly ported toshoboe-2.12 to kernel 2.4.x. The future direction (if I can be bothered) is to implement a serial interface to toshoboe so that people can use gnokii and I can use kermit to talk to my HP calculator.

Since then there have been two separate ports to 2.4.x:

For various reasons he changed the name of the driver to donauboe so if you use the tutorial below with his driver you may want to bear that in mind. You should also visit for information on how to install these 2.4.x drivers. Lots of thanks to those brave souls who plowed through my code to fix it up for 2.4.x thank you all very much.